Food Security Project

FPDI partnered with Green Iglu and Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation (NCN) to construct a Growing Dome greenhouse and implement a training program. The project is funded by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

The proposed project involves establishing a greenhouse in the community and putting in place a fresh produce distribution system. The greenhouse and fresh produce distribution system will compliment the existing NCN Country Food Program that is now available to members. The greenhouse will operate on a year-round basis.

Food security is an ongoing challenge for many individuals living in rural and remote First Nation communities. The Project allows NCN to take important steps towards building a sustainable local food system that will mitigate some of the risks of food insecurity for its members. Green Iglu utilizes a skill-based training approach where learning goals and benchmarks/milestones are determined collaboratively. Green Iglu and FPDI will provide training, mentoring and support to get the greenhouse operational, to put policy and procedure in place and to design and implement the delivery mechanism.

Completion Date July 2022

Program Details

  • 2 NCN members will be trained as Greenhouse Managers – Job shadowing with a Green Iglu certified greenhouse technician
  • Upon completion of the training, the Managers will be certified in Remote Farming
  • Courses include: Operational and management requirements of the Growing Dome, Daily operative procedures, Germination, Crop Maturity Cycles, Fertigation, Irrigation, Pest Control, Quality Control, Harvesting, Food Handling
  • Customized training based on previous horticulture experience and knowledge of NCN members


  • Improving social well being through sustainable programming/services that promote self-sufficiency is an object of the NCN strategic plan
  • Lowering the cost of and having access to nutritious, healthy food for community members by growing fresh produce on a year-round basis
  • Create short term employment for 6 NCN members to install and construct the Growing Dome greenhouse

Community Benefit

The Growing Dome will produce fresh vegetables in summer and for use during winter months.

Supplying community members with locally grown produce at a reduced price, improving health and nutrition for at-risk community members while contributing to community infrastructure.

Employ a part-time food delivery person