Traditional Drums for All

This project was funded by New Horizons for Seniors Program. Our goal was to address the isolation experienced by some seniors in our current Covid-19 world by offering an online tool to spark discussion about the significance of the traditional drum.

Our partner – Decision Works assisted us to created a step-by-step video on how to make a traditional drum, taught by Elder Mark Hall. Also filmed was Elder Clarence Nepinak, sharing the significance of the drum. These videos document the importance of traditional activities such as drum making as a means to maintain overall mental health and well being in the teaching of Mino Bimaadiziiwin – Living Well. A group of seniors and non-seniors gathered to experience hands-on learning on how to make a drum. This activity is documented in the drum video. The video is an interactive tool for use with senior or any other groups.

We hope you enjoy the videos and are inspired to try and make your own drum.

23 Seniors Participated

17 Non-Seniors Participated

Project Details

  • Facilitated groups session
  • Encourage on-line sessions
  • Created a step-by-step video
  • Created a facilitators guide
  • Shared with schools

Community Benefits

The video and accompanying guide (available for download here) can be used to engage seniors or other groups, in person or on-line, in a workshop setting to build their own drums. The workshops can generate discussion around community culture and traditions. Seniors can also engage with children and youth to share their knowledge they’ve learnt from the video.  The on-line forum can open the door to sharing, being together while using a new medium and enabling seniors that may be confined to home to participate.  This can also be a medium to reach youth.


To impart knowledge about Traditional Drums for everyone.