Plumbing Program

FPDI and the Piping Industry Technical College of Manitoba (PITC) partnered in March 2021 to offer the Plumbing course.

The pre-employment program is the first step to becoming a licensed Plumbing Technician. With its qualified instructors imparting the most up to date skills by utilizing innovative techniques, our partner PITC provides cutting-edge training for the learners.

Skills learned are measuring, cutting, bending, and threading pipe to specifications, assembling and installing valves, pipes, and fittings, reading blueprints, installing fixtures and related trim, interpretation of the plumbing code, rigging and material handling, piping-related mathematics and job safety. The program has a heavy Consumer Math component so good Math and drawing skills are helpful in succeeding in this course. Skilled plumbers are relied upon for effective water distribution, safe drinking water, and waste disposal.

Program Dates March 2021 to January 2022


Consumer Math and drawing skills

Grade 12 or working towards obtaining grade 12 before the end of the program

Steel-toed boots required

Program Details

  • 10-month program
  • Level 1 certificate

Career Opportunities

Work on new construction projects, residential and commercial plumbing maintenance, renovation and retrofit work, municipal water systems or becoming an instructor.

Self-employment with First Nations Housing Authorities, Public Works Departments, homeowners, and neighboring communities.


“Indigenous plumbers will help First Nation communities by having available trades people in the community to assist members with plumbing much quicker than waiting for outside contractors”